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Agreement with Wigfal and Blackwood for making Gun-Locks


Tuesday, December 5, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present — John Nixon, Chairman, Owen Biddle, Robert White, Daniel Roberdeau, James Biddle, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, James Mease, George Clymer.

Resolved, That this Committee engage with Samuel Wigfal and Marmaduke Blackwood, of this City, Smiths, for two hundred Gunlocks, to be made according to pattern, and to be delivered to, and approved of, by Captains Shee, Wilcocks, and Cadwallader, for the use of this Committee, at the rate of twenty-two shillings and six pence, each Lock, the whole to be delivered within the space of three months.

Resolved, That the sum of one hundred Pounds be advanced to the said Wigfal & Blackwood, to enable them to proceed in the said manufacture, with greater vigour; and that an Order be drawn for paying said sum into the hands of Messrs˙ Nixon and Wharton, who are to advance the same to the said Wigfal & Blackwood; and at the same time, take a contract from the said Wigfal & Blackwood, and Robert Craig, whom this Committee approve of as their security for fulfilling the same.

Resolved, That Mr˙ James Biddle and Colonel Roberdeau be a Committee to propose to the Committee of Inspection and Observation of this city, the taking up the Sea-Coal which that Committee had ordered to be thrown into the river from Mr˙ Steward' s ship; that the same may be used at the Air-Furnace intended to be built for the casting of Cannon.