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Philadelphia Committee



Committee Chamber, December 22, 1774.

Ordered, That the Committee of Correspondence do transmit to the Committees of the several Counties in this Province a copy of the Resolves passed this evening, with a letter; and the letter being prepared and read, was approved, and is as follows, viz:

To the Committee of Inspection for the County of * * *.

Philadelphia, December 22, 1774.

GENTLEMEN: By order of the Committee of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, we have the pleasure to transmit you the following Resolves, passed this day with great unanimity, viz:

"Resolved, That this Committee think it absolutely necessary that the Committees of the Counties of this Province, or such Deputies as they may appoint for this purpose, be requested to meet together in Provincial Convention as soon as convenient.

That it be recommended to the County Committees to meet in said Convention on Monday, the 23d day of January next, in the City of Philadelphia."

From a view of the present situation of publick affairs, the Committee have been induced to propose this Convention, that the sense of the Province may be obtained, and that the measures to be taken thereupon may be the result of the united wisdom of the Colony.

The obvious necessity of giving an immediate consideration to many matters of the greatest importance to the general welfare, will, we hope, sufficiently apologize to you for naming so early a day as the 23d day of January. We are, gentlemen, respectfully, your very humble servants,

The Committee of Correspondence,

From the Minutes of the Committee of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia,

J˙ B˙ SMITH, Secretary.