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Letter from the Committee of Safety of New-Jersey: They have just learned that Thomas Gibson, at Fishkill, and Robert Hambleton, of Westchester, have inlisted a number of men for the King' s Ships at New-York


A Letter from Samuel Tucker, Esquire, President of the Committee of Safety of the Province of New-Jersey, was read and filed, in the words following, viz:

"In Committee of Safely, New-Brunswick, April 20, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: This day were brought before us, three persons belonging to Westchester County, in your Province,


who, for some time past, have been on board the ship Lady Gage, and lately deserted from thence, at Sandy-Hook, and put themselves under the protection of our guard at the Highlands of Neversink; their names are Henry Smith, Isaac Horton, and Stephen Daniels; by whose examinations it appears that one Thomas Gibson, living at the Fishkills, hath inlisted a number of persons in your Government for the King' s Army; that a boat was lately sent from the ships-of-war to Hempstead, on Long-Island, for provisions, and not returned when they left the ship two days past; that one Robert Hambleton, a schoolmaster, had inlisted a number of men now on board the King' s ships, and was gone to Westchester to inlist more, (Smith and Daniels, it appears, were inlisted by said Gibson.) Horton says he was impressed on board the Asia last month. These persons will soon be sent to you. "By order of the Committee of Safety of New-Jersey.

"I am, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,

"SAMUEL TUCKER, President.

"To the Honourable the Provincial Congress or Committee of Safety, New-York."