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A Proclamation


By his Excellency GUY CARLETON, Captain-General and Governour-in-Chief in and over the Province of QUEBECK and the Territories depending thereon, in AMERICA, Vice-Admiral of the same, and Major-General of His Majesty' s Forces, commanding the Northern District, &c˙, &c˙, &c.


Whereas it has been found expedient to raise and embody a Militia within this City, to co-operate with and to assist His Majesty' s Troops in this garrison in the preservation of the City, and of the persons and property of His Majesty' s good and faithful subjects resident therein, against certain rebellious persons who have invaded this Province, a number of whom have lately appeared in arms before the walls of this Town: and whereas information has been given me, that some persons resident here have contumaciously refused to enroll their names in the Militia lists, and to take up arms, in conjunction with their fellow-citizens, for the purpose aforesaid; and that others, who have enrolled their names, and had for some time carried arms in the defence and preservation of the City, have lately laid them down; and also that some persons are busy in endeavouring to draw away and alienate the affections of His Majesty' s good and faithful subjects of this City from His Majesty' s person and Government: for these reasons, and in order to rid the Town of all useless, disloyal, and treacherous persons, I have thought fit to issue this Proclamation. And I do hereby strictly order and enjoin all and every person and persons whatsoever, liable to serve in the Militia, and residing at Quebeck, who have refused or declined to enroll their names in the Militia lists, and to take up arms in conjunction with His Majesty' s good subjects of this City, and who shall still refuse or decline so to do, as well as those who, having once taken up arms, have afterwards laid them down, and will not take them up again, to quit the Town in four days from the date hereof, together with their wives and children, and to withdraw themselves out of the limits of the District of Quebeck, before the 1st day of December next, under pain of being treated as rebels or spies, if thereafter they shall be found within the said limits.

And inasmuch as the persons who, in obedience to this Proclamation, are to quit the Town and District, may have bought up a considerable quantity of the provisions brought


in for the subsistence of the inhabitants of the Town; and it would be imprudent to suffer those provisions to be carried out, more especially as the country abounds with necessaries of life: I do hereby further order and enjoin all and every such person and persons to deliver in forthwith to the Honourable George Alsop, Esquire, Commissary, a true inventory or list of their provisions and stores, in order that they may he fairly and justly valued, and the full price paid to the respective proprietors before their departure.

Given under my hand and seal of arms, at the Castle of St˙ Louis, in the City of Quebeck, this twenty-second day of November, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, in the sixteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth.


By his Excellency' s command:


GOD save the King.

November 22, 1775.