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Resolutions of the New-York Committee of Safety


Whereas Colonel Remsen' s Regiment is composed of the inhabitants of King' s and Queen' s Counties, which said Counties are at present occupied by the enemy; and whereas it is the duty of the Representatives of this State diligently to watch over the safety of their constituents, and to prevent their falling into the hands of a tyrannical enemy, who may compel them to bear arms against their country:

Therefore, Resolved, That it be earnestly recommended to such of the said Militia who are attached to the cause of this invaded country, to form themselves into Companies, consisting of one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Ensign, three Sergeants, three Corporals, one Drum, one Fife, and fifty Privates.

Resolved, That these Companies be commanded by the same Colonel, Captains, and Subalterns, under whom they have hitherto served; and in case any Officer or Officers should decline accepting his or their commissions, the same should be tendered to the next commissioned Officers in rank, till the whole Companies are properly officered; and that in case, from the decline of a sufficient number of Officers to accept commissions, there should be any vacancies, the Company where such vacancy may be shall nominate an Officer, to whom the Convention of this State will grant a commission, whenever the said nomination shall be approved of by Brigadier-General Woodhull and Colonel Remsen.

Resolved, That these Troops, when raised, shall be entitled to Continental pay and rations, with a bounty of £4 to each man on passing muster, and that they continue in service till the last day of December next; and that if any men should choose to inlist for the space of three years, or during the war, they shall receive a bounty of twenty dollars per man on passing muster.

Resolved, That each man furnish himself with a good Gun or Musket, Cartouch-Box or Bullet-Pouch, a Blanket or Knapsack, and every six men with a Pot or Camp-Kettle.

Resolved and Ordered, That Colonel Remsen, with his Regiment of Militia, join General Clinton, at King' s Bridge, till further order from the Convention or Committee of Safety of this State; and that he be authorized to grant furloughs to such of his Militia of whose attachment to the American cause he is well assured, to visit or remove their families from


Long-Island: Provided always, That no man obtaining such furlough be permitted to carry his arms with him.

Resolved and Ordered, That the President pay to Colonel Remsen the sum of £251 12s˙, in payment of the pay due to his Regiment of Militia, taking his receipt for the same.