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The Report considered Congress will now consider only such Rights


Saturday, September 24, 1774, A˙ M.

The Congress entered upon the consideration of the


Report referred to this day, and after some debate, upon motion,

Resolved, That the Congress do confine themselves, at present, to the consideration of such rights only as have been infringed by Acts of the British Parliament since the year 1763, postponing the further consideration of the general state of American rights to a future day.

Hereupon, the Committee appointed to state the rights, &c˙, brought in a Report of the infringements and violations of American rights, which being read — upon motion,

Resolved, That the consideration of this Report be referred till Monday, and that the Congress in the mean while deliberate on the means most proper to be pursued for a restoration of our rights.

After some debate on that subject, the Congress adjourned.