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Association Signed by Josiah Morse and Joel Harvey, Jun.


Persuaded that the salvation of the rights and liberties of America depend, under God, on the firm union of its inhabitants in a vigorous prosecution of the measures necessary for its safety, and convinced of the necessity of preventing the anarchy and confusion that attend the dissolution of the powers of Government, we, the freeholders and inhabitants of Dutchess County, and Province of New-York, being greatly alarmed at the avowed designs of the Ministry to raise a revenue in America, and shocked by the bloody scenes now acting in the Massachusetts-Bay, do, in the most solemn manner, resolve never to become slaves, and do associate, under all the ties of religion, honour, and love to our Country, to adopt, and endeavour to carry into execution, whatever measures may be recommended by the Continental Congress, or resolved upon by our Provincial Convention, for the purpose of preserving our Constitution, and opposing the execution of the several arbitrary and oppressive acts of the British Parliament, until a reconciliation between Great Britain and America, on constitutional principles, which we most ardently desire, can be obtained; and that we will in all things follow the advice of our General Committee respecting the purposes aforesaid, the preservation of peace and good order, and the safety of individuals and private property.