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Colonel Wayne to John Morton



Philadelphia, February 8,1776.

SIR: When I intimated to Congress that quarters could be had for one battalion in the vicinity of Chester, my idea was that empty houses, stores, ċ, might be procured by way of barracks for the troops; and as I understand the Congress have resolved that we shall be stationed until further orders, I must request that you would appoint some proper person, or persons, for that purpose, as well as for providing provisions, firing, &c.

Several of the companies are to rendezvous at Chester to-morrow, and the whole in the course of three or four days. Pray let something be immediately done in the premises; otherwise we shall be in the utmost confusion.

Interim, I am, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,


To John Morton, Esq.

P˙ S. I have summoned the Committee of Chester County to meet on Monday next. If the Congress should be of opinion that we should apply to the inhabitants for blankets, in the manner that the Committee of the city and Liberties have done, this affords a favourable opportunity for the purpose.

A resolve of Congress, requiring the several Committees of Inspection to assist in apprehending deserters, will be of the utmost utility, as the Tories will conceal them.