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Letter from Governour Trumbull to General Gates



Lebanon, August 8, 1776.

SIR: Captain Thacher came to me last evening, and showed me his orders. I apprehend the companies ordered to be raised are not filled. Those who are inlisted are marched. I sent out Circular Letters to the Civil Authority, Selectmen, Committees of Inspection, and all military officers in the respective towns in this State, to promote and facilitate further inlistments to complete the companies. It will be needful that officers to recruit be here till they find what can be done. The hurry of harvest will be soon over, and trust men will engage for the service.

The infection from the small pox hath been matter of discouragement. It seemed to be removed in good measure on Major Ely' s return. By the practice that is now carrying on by some companies from the Massachusetts and carpenters from Providence, in stopping on the way to inoculate, I fear a new spread of that infection. Men who have taken it by inoculation can' t be fit for service and fatigue in less than three or four months. They are relaxed, liable to colds, &c˙; so that it will be more for the benefit of the Army to have them return back than to join it; yea, they ought to meet some mark of displeasure. I wish this may be attended to. I have sent forward felling-axes, which hope are come to hand. Shall send clothing soon, and same route.

The matter of Chaplain, I supposed you would advise Colonel Swift of your intentions. Had heard of no mistake on that head till now; have enclosed a blank warrant, to be used as there may be occasion, and prevent uneasiness. No attention of mine shall be wanting to promote the service in your department. Regular returns will be necessary to show your numbers and condition. Shall send a post soon to Skenesborough and Ticonderoga by him. Shall expect all needful intelligence.

I am, with esteem and regard, sir, your obedient, humble servant,

To the Hon˙ Brigadier-General Waterbury.