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Deposition of Henry Read, relative to the Disturbances


The Deposition of Henry Read, relative to the disturbances made in Westmoreland County by the Virginians viz:

Westmoreland County, ss:

The deposition of Henry Read, of Pittsburg, yeoman, (he being of full age,) taken before us, two of his Majesty' s Justices of the Peace for the county aforesaid, on his solemn oath of the Evangelist of the Evangelist of Almighty God, is as follows, viz: That on this day, about eleven o' clock, Doctor John Conolly, at the head of a number of armed men on horseback, came into Pittsburg and alighted near the houses of John Ormsby and Joseph Spear, Esquire, when said John Conolly came into Mr˙ Spear' s house, and soon after went out again; that this deponent, William Amberson, and some others, were tying up Mr˙ Spear' s skins at his door; that Conolly then ordered one Reily to lay hold of that fellow, pointing to said Amberson, who is at Mr˙ Spear' s, and acts for him as storekeeper, and clerk; that Reily laid hold of Amberson by the arm; that Amberson then requested he might have liberty to


lock up the store, and was endeavouring to go towards the store door, when Mr˙ Conolly came up and seized Amberson by the breast, and said, let the skins and store go to the devil, if your master was here I would serve him in the same manner; that then Conolly, with several armed men, took said Amberson down to the Fort; that after some time this deponent saw said Amberson and Edward Thompson brought up from the Fort to the town, and guarded by a number of armed men; that after they had drank some toddy at Mr˙ Ormsby' s porch, they took Amberson and Thompson to William Christy' s house, and placed several armed men at the door; that in this state this deponent left them, and came off express to give information to Mr˙ Spear at Westmoreland court; that there was in Mr˙ Spear' s house, a large quantity of goods and skins. And further this deponent saith not.


Sworn and subscribed this 7th day of April, 1774.