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Letter from Colonel Lasher to General Heath



Camp at King' s Bridge, October 26, 1776.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOUR: As I was left commanding officer at this post, I examined the situation of the fort with regard to artillerymen and ammunition; and finding them very insufficient in case of an attack properly to defend the same, I thought it would be proper to represent to you the state we are in. We have six artillerymen, about thirty rounds of ammunition, and the fort in very bad order.

It will also be proper to acquaint your Honour that out of the six hundred that were ordered to remain, I find by the returns, there are not above four hundred, and many of the detachments have not ten rounds a man; and as a number of the guards are at a distance from the fort, we have not above two hundred men together, on the day of relief, to defend the same. The enemy has drove off our guard at Mile-Square, and taken possession of the stores. A large body of Light-Horse and Light Infantry appeared on the Heights west of said place to-day, and we expect to have a visit from them to-morrow.

I was desired by Colonel Magaw to take up one or both of the bridges, which I did not think prudent in case we should have to retreat. I hope your Honour will give such orders as you think proper in our situation.

I am, your Honour' s most obedient, humble servant,


To Major-General Heath, at White-Plains.