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Committee to prepare a true state


Wednesday, December 7, 1774, A˙ M.

Ordered, That Captain Barrett, Mr˙ Bridge, and Major Fuller, be a Committee to collect the several expenses that have accrued to the Congress in this and the former session thereof, and they are directed to sit forthwith.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Sullivan, Doctor Holten, Mr˙ Palmer, Colonel Lee, and the Honourable Colonel Ward, be a Committee to take into consideration and determine what recompense the Delegates, who from this Province attended the Continental Congress at Philadelphia, in September last, shall be allowed for their services and expenses.

Ordered, That Colonel Orne, Honourable Mr˙ Cushing, and Honourable Major Hawley, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve, directing the Honourable James Russell, Esquire, Impost Officer, to pay the Moneys now in his hands to Henry Gardner, Esquire, the Committee are directed to sit immediately.

Ordered, That John Adams, Esquire, Mr˙ Samuel Adams, and Colonel Danielson, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve, relative to taking the number of inhabitants, and the quantity of exports and imports of Merchandise and of the Manufactures of all kinds in this Colony; and the Committee was directed to sit immediately. The Committee having attended to that service, reported as followeth, viz:

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed, consisting of one gentleman from each County, and one from each maritime Town of this Colony, to prepare from the best authentick evidence which can be procured, a true state of the number of the inhabitants, and of the quantities of exports and imports of Goods, Wares, and Merchandise,


and of the Manufactures of all kinds, within the Colony, to be used by our Delegates in the Continental Congress, to be held at Philadelphia, on or before the 10th day of May next, as they shall think proper. And the members of this Committee for each County be nominated by the Members of this Congress for said County, and the member for each maritime Town be nominated by the Representatives of such Town.

Ordered, That the several Counties be ready to report their nominations at three o' clock this afternoon.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Sullivan be desired to forward to the Honourable Jedediah Prebble, Esquire, a Resolve of this Congress appointing him a General Officer.

Adjourned to three o' clock this afternoon.


The several Counties and maritime Towns nominated their members for the Committee according to the Resolve in the forenoon, who were accepted by the Congress, and are as followeth, viz:

County of SUFFOLK, Mr˙ Palmer; BOSTON, Doctor Warren; ESSEX, Colonel Gerrish; LYNN, Capt˙ Mansfield; MARBLEHEAD, Colonel Orne; SALEM, Honourable Mr˙ Derby; BEVERLY, Captain Batcheldor; MANCHESTER, Mr˙ Woodbury; GLOUCESTER, Captain Coffin; IPSWICH, Captain Farley; NEWBURYPORT, Captain Greenleaf; HAVERHILL, Samuel White, Esquire; DANVERS, Doctor Holten; MIDDLESEX, Col˙ Prescott; CHARLESTOWN, Mr˙ Gorham; MEDFORD, Mr˙ Hall; HAMPSHIRE, Honourable Major Hawley; PLYMOUTH, Doctor Perkins; Town of PLYMOUTH, Mr˙ Lothrop; KINGSTON, Colonel Thomas; DUXBURY, Mr˙ Partridge; SCITUATE, Nathan Cushing, Esquire; BARNSTABLE, Daniel Davis, Esquire; SANDWICH, Captain Nye; EASTHAM, Mr˙ Holbrook; BRISTOL, Doctor Cobb; DARTMOUTH, Benjamin Aiken, Esquire; FREETOWN, Mr˙ Durfee; YORK, Mr˙ Sullivan; KITTERY, Charles Chauncy, Esquire.