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New-York Congress to Governour Trumbull



In Provincial Congress, New-York, June 6, 1775.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOUR: We take leave to enclose a Resolution of the Grand Congress, of the 31st of May, and at the same time to present you our acknowledgments for the letter which we had the honour to receive from you, dated the 29th.

Be assured, Sir, that we are most gratefully sensible of the cheerfulness with which the Government of Connecticut has exerted itself to support the important posts of Crown Point and Ticonderoga, until our abilities may enable us to execute that trust which the Continental Congress has, on that subject, thought proper in the first instance to repose in us.

In compliance with the requisitions made upon us, we have expedited our orders for the several things contained in the enclosed lists, at the bottom whereof are accounts of the several articles already sent for that service, and the persons employed in it.

We are sorry to present you with the very disagreeable intelligence that we have not a sufficient quantity of powder in this Colony to enable us at present to contribute in the least towards supplying those forts with that article; a circumstance which is the more distressing, as we have great reason to believe that a considerable quantity will be required for the defence of the northern frontier.

We pray your Honour to believe that we feel the utmost desire of co-operating with our sister Colonies in executing the Resolves of the Congress, and that we are, with great respect, your Honour' s most obedient humble servants.

Per order, and in behalf of the Provincial Congress:
P˙ V˙ B˙ LIVINGSTON, President.

To the Hon˙ Jonathan Trumbull, Governour of the Colony of Connecticut.