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General Lee taken prisoner, at Baskenridge


Hartford, December 23, 1776.

On Friday, the 13th instant, about eleven o' clock, his Excellency General Lee, being at a house in Baskenridge, in New-Jersey, at a great distance from the enemy' s Army, the house was on a sudden surrounded by sixty of the Light-Horse, who immediately fired sixty or seventy shot into the house, when his Excellency, seeing there, was not a possibility of making his escape, surrendered himself a prisoner of war. Upon this, the enemy mounted him upon a horse, without hat or cloak, and rode off with the utmost expedition.

Intelligence of General Lee' s unguarded situation was given to the enemy the evening before by an inhabitant of Baskenridge, personally known to the General, and who had made great pretensions of friendship for the American cause, though at heart the greatest villain that ever existed. This Judas rode all the preceding night to carry the intelligence, and served as a pilot to conduct the enemy, and came personally with them to the house where the General was taken.