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Letter from the Earl of Dartmouth to Governour Penn, dated August 26


The Governour laid before the Board a Letter which he received yesterday, by the Packet, from the Right Honourable the Earl of Dartmouth, one of his Majesty' s principal Secretaries of State, which was read, and follows in these words, viz:

Whitehall, August 26, 1774.

SIR: It having been represented to the King that the Government of Pennsylvania has taken a resolution to extend its jurisdiction up to the line settled by Commissioners between that Province and Maryland, although the Guardians of the heir of Lord Baltimore have declared their incapacity, in point of law, to concur in a ratification of that line, and, consequently their inability to take the like step on their part; and it being apprehended that such a partial extension of jurisdiction may have the effect to disturb the peace of the King' s subjects settled on the Frontiers of both Provinces, and may occasion violence and bloodshed, I am commanded by the King to signify to you his Majesty' s pleasure, that you do desist from issuing any orders for extending the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania beyond those places where it has been hitherto usually exercised until the present difficulty on the part of Maryland shall be removed, or until his Majesty' s further pleasure be known.

I am, sir, your most obedient humble servant,

Deputy Governour Penn.