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Committee to Wait on General Washington


In Council: Ordered, That Walter Spooner, Charles Chauncy, and Joseph Palmer, Esquires, with such as the honourable House shall join, be a Committee to wait on his Excellency General Washington, and represent to him the circumstances of the four Companies now doing duty


at Braintree, Weymouth, and Hingham, as to when they were inlisted, and by whose order, from whom they have received their orders from time to time, and in what service they have been employed. That they were considered by this Colony, when raised, as part of the thirteen thousand six hundred men voted by us, and have always been so considered; and desire that his Excellency would order them to be paid by the Continent, as they were not inlisted, neither have they been employed for the special purpose of defending the sea-costs, as a number since have been.

Sent down for concurrence. Came up concurred, and Mr˙ Pitts, Mr˙ Jewett, Mr˙ Hobart, and Mr˙ Story, are joined on the part of the House.