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Letter from Paul Micheau


Letter from Paul Micheau, one of the Deputies from Richmond County, in the late Provincial Congress, directed to Mr˙ Robert Benson, Secretary of the Provincial Congress, New-York:

"Richmond County, December 1, 1775.

"SIR: I received yours of the 24th ultimo last night, and expected that our Committee had acquainted the Congress, ere this, of the state of the County relative to the choosing new Deputies. When I returned from Congress, I immediately acquainted them that the Congress was dissolved, and had ordered the Committee in each County to


convene the people to elect new Deputies, and desired them to advertise all such persons in the County as had a right to choose representatives in General Assembly.

"I am now to inform you that, agreeable to my request, a meeting of the Committee was called, in order to advertise, and not a majority appearing, those that did appear concluded they were not empowered to act; since which, nothing has been done.

"I should be glad the Congress would write the Committee to send their reasons for not convening the people; a list of their names you will see at bottom.

"The situation of my family is such, at present, that if the people should think proper to choose rne again, I can by no means serve.

"That the present Congress may endeavour to keep tranquillity and good order in our Province, and make peace with our Mother Country, is the sincere and fervent wish of your most sincere friend and humble servant,


"P˙ S˙ Please to communicate this to Congress.

"Committee' s names: Captain John Kettletas, Captain Christian Jacobson, Captain Cornelius Dussosway, Henry Ferine, David Latourelle, Esq˙, Peter Mersercau, John Poillon, Moses Depuy, Lambert Merrell, John Tysen, Joseph Christopher, George Barnes, and Daniel Corson."