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Captain Giles Hall


Resolved, That Captain Giles Hall, commander of the Brigantine Minerva, now in the Colony' s service, be directed, and he is hereby directed and ordered, forthwith to deliver to Jonathan Fitch, Esq˙, at New-Haven, all the Guns and warlike Stores now on board said Brigantine; and having so done, he is further directed to dismiss as many hands as he shall think proper, reserving a sufficient number to sail said Brigantine into Connecticut River, and proceed with her with all possible despatch to Rocky-Hill and deliver her to the owner, according to charter party; and in case he should be prevented by ice in the river, he is to lay said Vessel in the most convenient and safe place, and to discharge the hands, reserving only a sufficient number to take proper care of said Vessel, and make return to his Honour the Governour and Council of War of his proceedings, and make up his Portage Bill and Musterroll, and lay the same before the Committee of Pay-Table for adjustment and payment.