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Letter from Governour Wright to James Mackay


SAVANNAH, IN GEORGIA, February 14, 1776. — His Excellency the Governour, with his family, left this place last Sunday night, and went on board His Majesty' s ship Scarborough, lying at Tybee.

Last Thursday, Captain Wright arrived at Tybee, in a schooner, from Grenada, and, next day, a large transport-ship arrived with soldiers from Boston. Lord William Campbell is on board His Majesty' s ship Syren.

February 21. — A transport-ship arrived at Cockspur, on the 12th instant, from Boston, with more soldiers.

His Majesty' s ship Raven sailed from Tybee on Saturday morning, on a cruise. His Majesty' s ship Cherokee, the two transport ships which lately arrived from Boston, a sloop, and three small vessels, are now lying at anchor, within three miles of this town.