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General Sullivan' s Answer


To the Honourable the Committee of Safety for the County of HILLSBOROUGH:

GENTLEMEN: Your polite congratulatory Address

General SULLIVAN' S Answer.
upon my appointment to the rank of Brigadier-General in the American Army, demands most sincere and cordial thanks. Your approbation of my conduct while at the bar, acting in defence of an injured people against the arbitrary tools of Government, gives me the highest satisfaction.

The favourable opinion which you have formed of my courage and military skill, must alone be a sufficient


inducement for me to exert myself at this important day, and, if possible, prevent you from being disappointed in your expectations. It gives me great pleasure to find that so respectable a number of the worthy sons of freedom, in the Colony to which I belong, have so publickly given their approbation of my conduct in assisting to secure the warlike stores at Fort William and Mary, and thereby preventing those evils which must have resulted from our enemies having the possession of them. That the important office you sustain may be ever held by such worthy patriots, who, while they so nobly exert themselves in defence of our common liberties, are endeavouring to strengthen the hands of others, is, gentlemen, the earnest prayer of your most obedient servant,


Camp at Winter Hill, August 10, 1775.