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Letter from Lord George Germaine to Governour Eden



[Circular.] Whitehall, December 23, 1775.

Sir: The King being determined, in concurrence with his Parliament, to pursue the most vigorous measures for reducing his rebellious subjects in North-America to obedience, and for restoring legal Government, has given the royal assent to the enclosed act, which I am commanded by His Majesty to transmit to you, and at the same time to signify to you His Majesty' s pleasure, that


you do exhort all persons upon whom the execution of this law shall depend, to pay a due attention thereto, and to use their best endeavours for carrying the provision of it into effect; and I trust, that when His Majesty' s deluded subjects in the associated Colonies are better apprized of the fatal consequences to the conduct they have adopted, and see the determined spirit of the nation to maintain its constitutional rights, they will avail themselves of the means which the justice and benevolence of the supreme Legislature have held out to them, of being restored to the King' s grace and peace, and that a happy and lasting reconciliation and union will be effected. And I have the satisfaction to acquaint you, that, in order to accelerate this desirable object, the proper steps have been taken for passing a commission, under the great seal, in conformity to the last section but one of that act; and that the Commissioner, or Commissioners, to be appointed for that purpose, will have full power to inquire into the state and condition of the Colonies, and to confer with proper persons upon such points as may be necessary for effecting a restoration of the publick tranquillity.

I am, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,