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Letter from General Schuyler to General Washington



Albany, December 9, 1775.

DEAR GENERAL: I do myself the honour to advise your Excellency of my arrival here on the 7th instant. Should have wrote you yesterday, but I was all day in conference with sixty of the principal Sachems of the Six Nations. The matter was merely congratulatory, and introductory to


the business which they intend to open on Monday, the substance of which I have not yet been able to learn.

Enclose you copies of letters from General Montgomery and Colonel Arnold, together with one to your Excellency, from the latter, and one from Colonel Knox, I have: wrote to Congress, that the necessity of sending a body of troops into Canada this winter appeared to me very urgent. I was happy to meet Colonel Knox, at Fort George. I have made such an arrangement to get the articles he wants at Fort George, that I am confident they will arrive there in eight days from this, and I shall take the advantage of the very first snow to send them to Cambridge. My baggage is still behind, and therefore cannot send your Excellency the returns; but there is a sufficiency of every thing Colonel Knox wanted, except powder and flints.

I am now in tolerable good health, but I believe a perfect restoration will not take place until the cold weather ceases.

Some of the prisoners have attempted to escape. A Captain Robinson, of the Emigrants, offered the Captain of an Albany sloop two hundred guineas to cany him on board the Asia man-of-war. I shall request the Captain to make affidavit of it.

I am, dear General, your Excellency' s most obedient and most humble servant,


His Excellency General Washington.