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Letter from Colonel Baldwin


Three Women, who came over Winnisimit Ferry from Boston yesterday, were brought under guard to this Court by Captain John Wood.

MALDEN, August 5, 1775.

Mrs˙ Hannah Goldthwait, wife of Mr˙ Joseph Goldthwait, Mrs˙ Sarah Goldthwait, wife of Mr˙ Benjamin Goldthwait, and one Mrs˙ Chamberlain, came over Winnisimit Ferry yesterday, being Friday, about five o' clock, P˙ M˙, with a horse and chaise: no such instance having happened before, and Mrs˙ Hannah Goldthwait, being wife to the Barrack-Master to the King' s Troops in Boston. Knowing it to be my duty to be very cautious at this critical day, thought proper to acquaint the General with this affair, who directed me to conduct them to the Great and General Court of this Province.

I have not discovered any thing inimical or exceptionable in their conversation or conduct, but, on the contrary, have behaved themselves with all complaisance and resignation to my requisitions, and appear to be engaged in the cause of liberty.