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General Scott to New-York Committee of Arrangement



Camp near Peekskill, November 24, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: When I consider the misfortunes of the Rev˙ Mr˙ Tetard, I can not refrain from recommending him to your Committee, as I flatter myself you will pay some attention to his case, in forming of the staff of the New-York brigade. Our Provincial Congress were pleased to appoint him to the offices of Chaplain and Interpreter, with the rank of Major, in the Canada service. He will produce to you General Arnold' s certificate, as a testimony of his good conduct. The losses he has met with since his


return merit, in my opinion, no small attention. His house in the city, which rented for seventy pounds per annum, with some valuable furniture in it, has been reduced to ashes; his farm in the country entirely destroyed by our own troops, and thirteen slaves most probably captivated by the enemy. He is therefore reduced to abject poverty, As to his political sentiments, collected not only from private conversation, but from his preaching, he appears to be a zealous friend to the American cause. I must therefore, in justice to him, take the liberty earnestly to recommend him for Chaplain in the New-York brigade.

I am, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,


To the honourable Committee of Arrangement.

P˙S. Mr˙ Corne has met with the accident of a breach in his mill-dam, the repair of which will require his presence. He has therefore requested me to interpose my good offices for continuing his stay on parole a week longer than was originally intended.

Yours, &c˙,