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Letter from Governour Chester to Governour Tryon


Intercepted Letter transmitted to Congress by General Washington, with his Letter dated December 18, 1775.


Pensacola, November 18, 1775.

SIR: The Earl of Dartmouth having been pleased to signify to me, in a letter of the 5th of July last, His Majesty' s royal wishes that I should afford every possible protection to such of his subjects in the Colonies in rebellion, as shall be too weak to resist the violences of the times, and too loyal to concur in the measures of those who have avowed and supported that rebellion, and are desirous of seeking an asylum in this Province; and that I should countenance and protect all such as may be induced, under the circumstances above stated, to retreat hither, and give them grants of land by way of bounty and encouragement, exempt from quit-rent for ten years; and that I should also give every possible encouragement in my power to the exportation of lumber from hence to the West-India Islands: I therefore thought proper to direct a Proclamation to issue, notifying and declaring this Royal bounty and encouragement; but I am afraid, from the circumstances of the times, that it will not be in my power to have it so generally dispersed and published as I could wish, we having no printing press in the Colony; and therefore I have taken the liberty to enclose a copy of this Proclamation to your Excellency, and to request that you will be pleased to direct that a number of copies of the same may be printed and published in your Government.

I have further to request, that your Excellency will be pleased to afford every assistance in your power to have these His Majesty' s most gracious intentions carried into execution.

I am, with great regard and esteem, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,


His Excellency William Tryon, Esq.