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Full Compensation to be Made to the Officers and Soldiers


Tuesday, December 19, 1775.

The Committee appointed to consider what vouchers are proper to support the Accounts of such Officers and Soldiers as were sufferers by the loss of Arms, Accoutrements, or Clothing, on the 19th of April, and 17th of June last, reported. Read, and accepted.

Resolved, That full compensation be made to such Captains, Subalterns, non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates, who sustained loss of Arms, Accoutrements, or Clothing, on the 19th of April, and 17th June last, and that each Captain and Subaltern produce a certificate from the Colonel or Commanding Officer of such Regiment, and that each non-Commissioned Officer and Private produce a certificate from the Captain or Commanding Officer of the Company to which such non-Commissioned Officer or Private did, or doth respectively belong, and that each certificate, with other circumstances concurring therewith, shall be admitted as plenary evidence.

And it is further Provided, That any other legal or satisfactory evidence may be admitted, as time, place, and circumstance may require, to the satisfaction of the Committee appointed by this Court to consider such losses, and compensation shall be made accordingly.


This Resolve to be printed in the Watertown Newspapers.

An Account of Ely Lewis and others, belonging to Captain Slyles' s Company, in Colonel Sargent' s Regiment, of their loss of Arms, Accoutrements, and Clothing, on the 19th of April, and 17th of June last.

Read, and committed to the Committee appointed to consider such losses.

Ordered, That Major Hawley bring in a Resolve for the purpose of revoking a Resolve of this Court, appointing a Committee of both Houses to examine Muster-Rolls.

Order of the Day moved for.

Honourable Michael Farley, Esq˙, brought down the vote of this House appointing a Committee to draft a Proclamation for inculcating obedience to the Magistrates appointed under the present Government of the Colony.

In Council, December 19, 1775: Read, and concurred, and William Sever and John Winthrop, Esqs˙, are joined.

The House, according to the Order of the Day, proceeded to the consideration of the Militia-Bill.


The Committee appointed to repair to Salem to inquire if Mr˙ Haskitt Derby had imported Coffee and other things from the English West-India Islands contrary to the Association of the Continental Congress, and to notify the said Derby to attend his duty in this House, made a verbal report, and laid a paper on the table containing the depositions of Ebenezer Lakeman and others, relative to that matter.

Mr˙ Derby (being present) moved that the matter might be considered, and he heard thereon, by a Committee of this House.

Whereupon the following gentlemen were appointed a Committee for that purpose, viz: Mr˙ Pitts, Col˙ Mitchell, Mr˙ Hale, Captain Parker, Major Ely, Colonel Freeman, and Major Bliss.

The House proceeded to the further consideration of the Militia Bill.

Honourable Samuel Holten, Esquire, brought down the following Resolve, viz:

In Council, December 19, 1775: Whereas, the business assigned the Committee of both Houses appointed to examine all the Muster-Rolls that shall be returned into the Secretary' s Office, is found to be inconvenient and too extensive for the attention of one Committee.

Therefore, Resolved, That the Commission of the aforesaid Committee be in future confined to the examination of the Muster-Rolls of the several Captains in the Continental Army; and that Michael Farley, Esq˙, with such as the honourable House shall join, be a Committee to examine the several Muster-Rolls of the Sea-Coast Forces and the Militia, and as they shall pass them, exhibit the same to the Board, in order for payment.

Read, and concurred, and Colonel Cushing, Major Goodwin, and Major Bliss, are joined to the Honourable Michael Farley, &c˙, above named, and such other persons as the honourable Board may appoint.

Honourable James Prescott, Esquire, brought down the Report of the Committee of both Houses appointed to take into consideration sundry Resolves of the American, Congress.

In Council, December 19, 1775: Read, and accepted.

The Committee appointed to inquire into the number, size, and quality of sundry pieces of Ordnance, removed from several Towns in this Colony, and now under the care of his Excellency General Washington, not charged, reported a schedule containing as exact an account thereof as can at present be obtained.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Speaker, Captain Thatcher, and Major Hawley, be a Committee to lay the same before his Excellency General Washington.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Speaker be excused from serving on the Committee appointed to fit out vessels for Powder, and that to-morrow morning, ten o' clock, be assigned for the choice of some other person in his stead.

Then the House adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.