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Deposition of Bartley Townsend


November 18, 1775.

The deposition of Bartley Townsend, of lawful age, being called on by the Committee of Worcester County, deposeth and saith: That some little time since the rising of the last Convention of this Province, this deponent was informed that some few of the Company which the said Benjamin Shoddy had enrolled in had desired him to attend at the house of the said Shockly, for the purpose of exercising and instructing a number of people in the military exercise; that this deponent accordingly attended; and when he came, after he had exercised some of the people who were there, Shockly proposed to this deponent that he would be their Captain; but, upon this deponent' s refusal, asked him if he would be their Lieutenant, which be also refused; upon which, said Shockly then told this deponent he had come for a spy. He also asked this deponent if he had seen their articles; he said he had. He then asked him how he liked them; why, he said, he did


not know; he found they were something like the association or articles of his Company; they were for their King and Country. Yes, said Shockly, but we are against Boston. That Shockly afterwards insisted upon this deponent' s hearing their articles read; and, when they were read, they all huzzaed for the King, and pulled off their hats. This deponent also cried, and said he could huzza for their King; but, as he did not pull off his hat, said Shockly seemed to be displeased; and that this deponent was under apprehensions he was unsafe in their company, and immediately came off. BARTLEY TOWNSEND.