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Resolution Continuing the Present Military Officers


Moses Gill, Esq˙, brought down, with amendments, the Resolve of the House on a Letter from the Committee of Congress, for collecting an account of depredations made by the Ministerial Troops.


Read and non-concurred; and the House adhere to their own vote.

The Committee on the Message from the honourable Board reported again. Read and accepted.

The multiplicity of important publick affairs which have been under the consideration of this Court, during this session, having unavoidably prevented a new appointment of Military Officers within this Colony; and it being of the utmost importance to the safety of the Colony, that the Militia thereof should be well equipped and disciplined, and in the best posture of defence:

Resolved, That the several Military Officers who have been chosen by the people of this Colony, agreeable to the Resolves and recommendation of the late Provincial Congress, be, and hereby are ordered to remain and continue in the several stations to which they were appointed as aforesaid, until the further order of this Court; and all such Officers are directed to use their utmost exertions in putting the Militia under their respective commands in the best posture for defence they are able.