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Address of the Lords to the Lord-Lieutenant


To His Excellency SIMON, Earl HARCOURT, Lord Lieutenant General, and General Governour of IRELAND.

The humble Address of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament assembled.

May it please your Excellency:

We, His Majesty' s dutiful and loyal subjects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament assembled, return your Excellency our unfeigned thanks for your speech from the throne to both Houses of Parliament, and we beg leave to assure your Excellency that we feel ourselves exceedingly happy in the favourable opinion which your Excellency hath conceived of us, and in that satisfaction with which your Excellency is pleased to declare you meet us again in Parliament.

We flatter ourselves that your Excellency' s residence amongst us for three years, which hath formed an impression upon your mind so favourable to us, and hath afforded your Excellency such a competent knowledge of the circumstances of this Country, will be propitious to the interests of it; and that, impressed, as we are, with a grateful sense of your Excellency' s successful endeavours to promote the prosperity of this Kingdom, which have been manifested by the advantages which our commerce, manufactures, and agriculture, have received, we cannot but think ourselves most happy under your Excellency' s administration.

The late acts passed in the British Parliament, so highly beneficial to this Kingdom, which your Excellency is pleased to take notice of in a manner expressive of your good wishes and kind concern for us, fill our minds with gratitude; and the reflection that they have passed during


your Excellency' s government yields us the best grounded assurances that your Excellency' s just and favourable representations of us, together with your good offices and kind interpositions, have not been wanting in our favour.

On our part, we beg your Excellency to accept of our grateful acknowledgments; and we think it but just to assure your Excellency, as we now do, that as it is our duty, so it will be our inclination, to co-operate with you in promoting those great objects recommended to us by your Excellency from the throne, and that we will cordially concur with your Excellency in such measures as may conduce to the happiness of this Kingdom, and the honour and ease of your Excellency' s administration.

EDWARD GAYER, Cler˙ Parliamentor.