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Philadelphia Committee



Committee Chamber, June 29, 1775.

Whereas several persons, through a misapprehension of the Resolves which have been entered into by the Provincial Convention, relative to the killing of Sheep, have purchased Ram Lamb in the market of this City, contrary to the intent and meaning of said Resolve; the Committee, in order to prevent such mistakes in future, request the publick will take notice that, agreeable to the purport of the Resolve aforesaid, no Sheep of what denomination soever may be killed or purchased under four years of age; and that the names of all persons who shall, after this, be discovered to act in opposition to said Resolve, will be published forthwith to the world.

Ordered, That notice be given in the publick papers to all masters of vessels which may arrive in this port, that the Committee of Inspection will meet every day at twelve o' clock, at the Coffee-House, to receive a report of their respective cargoes. And It is expected that no Captain will fail to attend the Committee the first noon after his arrival; and that owners of vessels and consignees will direct their Captains accordingly.

Ordered, That the following Report of the District Committee, No, 2, concerning the Ship Christopher, Captain Edwards, from Gibraltar, be made publick, viz:

"We, the District Committee, No˙ 2, appointed to attend the discharging a cargo of Salt from on board the Ship Christopher, do report to the General Committee, that we have attended said duty with care, and that we are fully satisfied that no British Goods were imported in said ship, nor the Association of the Congress in any wise, violated."

Extract from the Minutes:

J˙ B˙ SMITH, Secretary.