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Officers Chosen by the People of Islip


A Letter from Isaac Thompson, Chairman of the Committee of Islip, in Suffolk County, bearing date the 9th instant, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Islip, in Suffolk County, February 9, A˙ D˙ 1776.

"SIR: There never has been a Militia Company formed in this Precinct; but they that bore arms in the east part of this Precinct have been in the Smithtown Company, and those of the west part of this Precinct have been under a Huntington Captain; which has been disagreeable to the greatest part of the people of this Precinct, and it has been the cause of uneasiness amongst us. We informed Colonel Potter of what we were going to do, before we proceeded to form a company. The Colonel said the company would not be so large as he should choose; but if it would unite the people, and if they did proceed to choose their officers, &c˙, that he would order the names of those of the east part of this Precinct to be taken out of the list at Smithtown.

"The way thus being laid open, the people of this Precinct assembled together, and in our presence proceeded to the choice of their officers. They unanimously chose Benajah Strong for their Captain, Jeremiah Terry for their First Lieutenant, Samuel Oakley for their Second Lieutenant, and Annen Mobrey for their Ensign.


"The above-named persons have signed the Association. We desire that commissions may be granted to the above-named persons, as we believe it will tend very much to unite the people in this Precinct.

"Signed by order of the Committee of Islip:


"To the President of the Provincial Congress at New-York.

"P˙ S. There are about thirty-six or thirty-seven that would belong to this company.

I˙ T."

The Congress took the same into consideration; and thereupon

Ordered, That the Inhabitants of Islip be formed into a Militia Company, agreeable to their request, and that Commissions issue to the following gentlemen, to wit: Benajah Strong, Captain; Jeremiah Terry, First Lieutenant; Samuel Oakley, Second Lieutenant; and Annen Mobrey, Ensign, agreeably to the election of the Company, and the Return of the Committee.