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Committee appointed to purchase one hundred stand of Arms for the Jersey Forces


Messrs˙ Palmer and Schenck, the Committee appointed for purchasing one hundred stand of Arms for the Jersey Forces, reported that they have agreed with Jacamiah Allen for sixty three-quarter bore, and forty of five-eighth bore Muskets, with double-bridle Locks, Bayonets, and Scabbards, complete, at four pounds each; to be complete in ten days.

Mr˙ Hobart, from the Committee appointed to examine the Accounts of the Treasurer, delivered in their Report, which was read, and is in the words following, to wit:

Your Committee report, that they have examined the Treasurer' s Account, and find that the money has been regularly paid in consequence of orders from the Committee of Accounts, but that no separation has been made between the Continental charges and those which are merely Provincial, which your Committee are of opinion ought to be done.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Pettit, the Doorkeeper of this Congress, do wait upon Messrs˙ Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Joseph Hallett, Thomas Smith, Benjamin Kissam, John Morton, Isaac Sears, Gabriel W˙ Ludlow, and Benjamin Helme, Deputies with others chosen to represent the City and County of New-York, in this Congress, and desire them to take their seats in Congress, or assign their reasons for their non-attendance, without delay; and that the Secretaries do furnish the said Deputies with a copy of this order.

The Congress adjourned till three o' clock, this afternoon.