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An Additional Battalion to be Raised in Cumberland County


Thursday, January 4, 1776.

Resolved, That an additional Battalion be raised in the County of Cumberland, in the Colony of Pennsylvania, to consist of the same number of men and officers, and to have the same pay and allowance, as the others raised in said Colony.

Resolved, That one Company of each of the five Battalions last ordered to be raised in Pennsylvania, consist of expert Riflemen.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Committee of Safety for Pennsylvania to have the foregoing Resolutions carried into execution.

Resolved, That in all elections of Officers by Congress, where more than one are elected, on the same day, to commands of the same rank, they shall take rank of each other according to their election, and the entry of their names in the Minutes, and their Commissions shall be numbered to show their priority.

The Congress then proceeded to the election of Lieutenant-Colonels for the Battalions ordered to be praised in Pennsylvania; and the ballots being taken and examined, the following gentlemen were chosen, viz: Lambert Cadwallader, William Allen, Jun˙, Francis Johnson, Joseph Penrose.

The Committee of Claims report, that there is due:

To James Whitehead, for Provisions for the prisoners taken on board the Rebecca-and-Mary, the sum of sixty-four Dollars.

To the Committee of New-Brunswick, per Account rendered, the sum of 214.9 Dollars, to be paid to William Livingston, Esquire, and by him forwarded to the said Committee.

To Furman & Hunt, of Trenton, for Provisions, Horse-hire, &c˙, the sum of 68.2 Dollars.

To the Committee of Inspection and Observation of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, for 187,046 Flints, by them purchased, agreeable to the Order of Congress, the sum of 737 Dollars.

To sundry persons, per list, for signing the Continental Bills of Credit, the sum of 1165.7 Dollars; and that an Order be given to the Treasurers for the payment of the same, agreeable to the said list.

To the Committee of Fredericktown, Maryland, for the expenses incurred by Connolly, Cameron, and Smith, during their confinement, the sum of 74 Dollars; and that the same be paid to the Delegates of Maryland,

Ordered, That the said Accounts he paid accordingly.


Resolved, That a Commissary be appointed to provide the three Companies ordered to Northampton, in Virginia, with rations while on their march, and during their stay in that country.

Resolved, That the appointment of a Commissary be deferred till to-morrow.

The Congress resumed the consideration of the Report of the Committee on the state of New-York. After debate,

Resolved, That the same be postponed till to-morrow, and that the Delegates of New-York be desired to request the attendance of the gentlemen sent to Congress by the Convention of their Colony.

Resolved, That Major Preston have liberty to choose the place of his residence, consistent with former Resolutions of Congress; and that the President take his parole.

The Congress proceeded to the election of Majors, when the following persons were chosen: Joseph Wood, George Nagle, Henry Bicker, Nicholas Hausicker.

The Committee appointed to consider what allowance ought to be made to Officers, who are prisoners, brought in their Report.

Ordered, That the same be taken into consideration on Saturday next.

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.