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Report of the Committee


The Convention resumed the consideration of the Report of the Committee relative to Horned Cattle and other Live Stock on Nassau-Island. On reading the fourth paragraph,

On motion of Mr˙ Hobart,

Ordered, unanimously, That the fourth paragraph be obliterated.


The fifth paragraph being read, was entirely obliterated, and another substituted in its stead, and marked No˙ 4.

Mr˙ Hobart moved, and was seconded, that a Bounty be allowed to the said Troops.

Objections were made against the said motion, as being contrary to the sixth rule, because that matter was determined yesterday.

Debates arose whether Mr˙ Hobart' s motion is disorderly and against the said rule. It was determined to be disorderly, in manner following, that is to say:

That the motion is disorderly. That the motion is not disorderly.
6 Albany. 4 Suffolk.
5 Dutchess. 3 Tryon.
8 New-York. 4 Queen' s.
4 Westchester — Colonel Drake dissenting. 2 Charlotte.
4 Ulster.
3 Orange.
2 Cumberland.
32 votes. 13 votes.

Thereupon, Resolved, That the said motion is disorderly, and that it be rejected.

Mr˙ L' Hommedieu moved, and was seconded, that the Continental Troops now stationed in Suffolk County, which were raised out of the Militia of said County, be considered as part of the one-fourth of the Militia now ordered to be draughted from the Militia in Suffolk County.

Some debates arose thereon.

Ordered, That it be deferred till the afternoon.