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Signers in Salem


William Hall,
Amos Dow,
Evan Jones,
Nathaniel Woodman,
Joseph Flanders,
Jonathan Massey,
Daniel Gordon,
Benjamin Mowbry,
Rapho Hall,
Jonathan Corlis,
Moody Morse,
John Wheeler,
Richard Dow, Jun˙,
Jacob Hardy,
Nathaniel Dow,
John Marland,
Josiah Hardy,
Zach˙ Woodber,
Richard Dow,
Simon Johnson,
Alexander Gordon,
Phinehas Swain,
Timothy Sargeant,
Abraham Amey,
Seth Pattee,
Israel Woodbury,
John Woodbury,
Simeon Foss,
Joseph Hull, Jun˙,
Jesse Morrill,
John Merrill,
Timothy Merrill,
Daniel Corlis,
Abraham Dow,
Salomon Cole,
James Sanders,
Richard Kelley,
Jonathan Gordon,
Timothy Duston,
Israel Young,
Daniel Ladd,
Richard Hennesee,
Sampson Wheeler,
Stephen Wheeler,
Abner Wheeler,
James Hall,
William Smith,
Samuel Kelly,
Nathaniel Belknap,
Jesse Smith,
Obadiah Eastman,
Timothy Swan, Jun˙,
Thomas Dow,
James Hastings,
Jeremiah DOW,
Caleb Duston,
Joseph Carlton,
Joshua Bailey, Jun˙,
Benoni Rowell,
David Copp,
Jeremiah Foster,
Samuel Johnson,
Henry Little,
John Johnson,
Albert Pettingill,
Jonathan Hasseltine,
Asahel Smith,
Phineas Gordon,
John Kinkrad,
Jonathan Bailey,
Samuel D˙ Day,
Joseph Wright,
Joseph Perkins,
Timothy Swan,
Joshua Swan,
Asa Mors,
Solomon Smith,
James Moreland,
William Moreland,
Simon Bradford,
John Bradford,
John Cuming,
James Corlis,
James Webster,
Benjamin Bixly,
John Carlton,
Dudly Currier,
Silas Wheeler,
John Currier,
Eliphelet Knight,
Thomas Robinson,
Nathaniel Woodbury,
Joseph Hull,
Daniel Merrill,
Hugh Campbell,
Hugh Campbell, Jr˙,
Andrew Campbell,
Joshua Baley,
Peter Duston,
Asa Rowell,
John Laneker,
Henry Lankcest,
Abner Bayley, Pastor of the church,
William Sanders,
Samuel Sanders,
Abiel Astin,
John Astin,
William Clough, Jr˙,
John Clough,
John Lavet,
Perley Merrill,
Adam Cole,
Oliver Kimball, Jr˙,
Joshua Hall,
Josiah Clough,
William Ayer,
Israel Ober,
Joseph Harriss,
William Clement,
Christopher Clement,
Josiah Thissel,
Jon˙ Bayley, Jun˙,


James Hastings, Jr˙,
Timothy Johnson,
Daniel Massey,
Richard Kimball,
John Bayley,
William Tapley,
Percy Dow,
Stephen Currier,
John Bayley, Jun˙,
Abiel Cross,
Oliver Kimball,
Josiah Rowell,
William Bailey,
Nathaniel Merrill,
John Smith,
Israel Hull,
David Nevins,
Thomas Maiglaton,
William Smith,
Joseph Cresey,
Asa Colby,
William Gordon,
Richard Messer,
John Moor Bayley,
David Bayley,
Nehemiah Slanwood,
John Hasseltine,
Barnard Kimball,
Daniel Haseltine,
Thomas Moor,
Benjamin Wheelin,
Abijah Wheeler,
Asa Dow,
John Lowell, Jun˙,
Henry Woodbury,
Samuel Ayer,
Jonathan Stevens,
David Merrill,
Benjamin Bixly, Jr˙,
Edward Pattee,
Nathaniel Gornell,
John Ellinwood,
Nathan Webster,
Bejamin Rawlings,
Jonathan Smith,
Joseph Ordway,
John Currier,
Matthew Taylor,
Caleb Clark.

To the Honourable the Committee of Safety for the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

GENTLEMEN: We, the subscribers, having shown the Declaration (commonly called the Test Bill) to the inhabitants of Salem, as by your Honours directed, have found a number who neglected to sign said Test Bill; whose names are as follows, viz:

Robert Young,
Jesse Webster,
William Leach,
Deacon Th Douglass,
Joseph Merrill,
Peter Merrill,
Ebenezer Woodbury,
Joshua Heath,
David Hall,
Deacon John Hall,
John Reith,
Nathan Asten,
Wyman Clough,
William Clough,
Daniel Silver,
Webster Emerson,
Jonathan Tenny,
Ebenezer Page,
Deacon John Kelly,
Enos Webster,
John Ashly,
Samuel Hilton,
Daniel Peasley, Esq˙,
Samuel Clement,
John Chase,
John Clement,
Captain John Allein,
Robert Ellingwood,
Henry Saunders,
Josiah Rowel, Jun˙,
Philip Rowel,
Jacob Rowel,
William Thom,
Joseph Leach,
Daniel Silver.

WILLIAM HALL, Selectmen of Salem.
AMOS DOW, Selectmen of Salem.
RICHARD MESSER, Selectmen of Salem.

Salem, August 27, 1776.