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Address of the Justices of the Court


Address of the Justices of the Court of General Sessions of the Peace, for the County of SUFFOLK, in MASSACHUSETTS, to his Excellency Governour GAGE. Presented on TUESDAY, MAY 24, 1774.


To his Excellency the Honourable THOMAS GAGE, Esq˙, Governour, Commander-in-chief, and Vice Admiral of said Province, and Lieutenant General of his Majesty' s Forces in NORTH AMERICA:

SIR: The Justices of his Majesty' s Court of General Sessions of the Peace for the county of Suffolk, are happy in having an opportunity before the close of the present term, at once to testify their loyalty to the King, and to pay your Excellency their dutiful respects, on your advancement to the Chair of Government in this Province.

The appointment of a gentleman of your Excellency' s eminence and character, we esteem as a mark of the royal favour; we flatter ourselves that it will be acceptable to the people over whom you preside, as it may afford them encouragement that the powers with which you are invested, will invariably be applied to the promotion of their peace and prosperity, and thereby they may lose the remembrance of their former troubles.

We are sensible that the cares of Government are at all times burthensome, and more peculiarly so when increased by any public dissentions. We therefore wish your Excellency that wisdom which is from above, to direct you in every department both of office and duty, and that under your auspices the people of your charge may ever enjoy the benefits resulting from a just and due execution of the laws, even security to their persons and property, and the happiness of British subjects.

The administration of Justice, we consider as the principal duty of Kings; in this view, conformable to our duty, we would tender to your Excellency the earliest assurances that the Executive powers wherewith we are intrusted, by our commission, shall in all respects be employed for the preservation of the peace and good order of this county; and that both as citizens and Magistrates, we will afford


every assistance in our power, towards rendering your Excellency' s administration easy and happy to yourself, and effective of the most permanent tranquillity and welfare of this community.