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Benjamin Rumsey to Maryland Council of Safety



Joppa, 23d December, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Mr˙ James Talbot, a merchant in Joppa, and an officer in the Militia, in the Eighth Battalion, is desirous of procuring a Captain' s commission in the Regulars to be raised as the quota of this Province.

I have known him for some time. He is a cool, serious, thinking man, a native of America; possesses, as far as I have ever heard, a fair character in trade and his dealings; has ever been ready to do his duty as a Militia officer; has on all occasions shown his readiness to meet the enemies of freedom upon every requisition. Early in this contest has solicited a commission, and, in my opinion, has spirit enough, added to his attachment to the cause, to meet the foe and do his duty in the field to the best of his skill and ability.

Mr˙ John Wayne would accept of a Lieutenancy under him. He is a native of Great Britain, married into a family of this neighbourhood, seems much attached to the cause of liberty, is well acquainted with the manoeuvres generally taught in the Militia, and, I verily believe, would make a good officer.

I am, gentlemen, your most humble servant,


To the honourable the Council of Safety of the State of Maryland.