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Certificate from the County of Suffolk


At a meeting of the freeholders of Sufolk County, in the Colony of New York, held at the County Hall, on the 7th day of November, 1775, duly warned for the purpose of electing Deputies to represent this County in Provincial Congress, until the second Tuesday in May next:

Voted, unanimously, That John Sloss Hobart, Thomas Tredwell, Selah Strong, Nathaniel Woodhull, Ezra L' Hommedieu, David Gelston, Thomas Wickham, and Daniel Brown, Esquires, be the Deputies to represent this County at the ensuing Provincial Congress, to meet at New-York, the fourteenth day of this instant, and that any three of them be a quorum, and empowered to give the vote of this County in the said Congress. By order of the County Committee:


Attest: EZRA L' HOMMEDIEU, Clerk.