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Orders given to search in each Town in the Colony for wearing apparel and household furniture


The Committee on the Letter from the Committee of Inspection of Londonderry reported. Read and accepted.

Whereas the Committee of Inspection for the Town of Londonderry have collected a considerable quantity of wearing apparel, household furniture, and other articles, that were taken away on the day of the battle at Charlestown, and have sent them to Watertown, and delivered them into the hands of Mr˙ Richard Devens; and whereas it is probable that wearing apparel, household furniture, and other goods, were taken from Charlestown and other places at the time aforesaid, and may be in divers Towns of this Colony, and the neighbouring Colonies and Provinces: It is therefore

Resolved, That the Committee of Correspondence and Committees of Inspection in each Town in this Colony, and in each Town in the neighbouring Colonies and Provinces, and, where no such Committees are, the Selectmen of each Town, be desired to make inquiry and search for any Apparel or Goods of any sort brought amongst them, belonging to the Inhabitants of Boston or Charlestown, or any other Towns, at or after the time aforesaid, and that they advertise in the publick newspapers all such Goods as may, from time to time, come to their hands, that the owners thereof may know where to apply for the same.

And it is further Resolved, That the said Richard Devens be directed to deliver the Goods now in his possession to those persons that shall make out to his satisfaction their property in them, they paying a proportionable part of the charge of collecting and bringing the same to Watertown.

In Council, October 4, 1775: Read and concurred.