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Affidavits and Testimony relating to the counterfeiting


The Examination and Confession of MATTHEW VANDYNE, taken before me, MOSES TUTTLE, this 5th day of APRIL, 1776.

He saith, That on or about the 1st of March last, he was at Hank Vandyne' s, and heard Hank' s wife ask her husband whether she should show to him, (meaning the counterfeit bills;) and, after some conversation, she showed him a three dollar bill, and asked him how that would do; he said he told them that he did not know, but believed it would not do very well. And this deponent saith Hank Vandyne was in debt to him, and he pressed him hard for some money, and seeing a three dollar bill that was good, asked for that, but Hank nor his wife was willing to let him have the good bill then, but made answer that she (Hank' s wife) would try her hand a little longer, then she would let him have it afterwards. She let him have one three dollar bill, which he says he accepted for a good one, and passed the same as such to Mr˙ Tucker; and on the 1st day of April instant, she let him have another three dollar bill, which he believes to be of her make; but that he has the said bill yet in his custody, and intended to return it to her again, for fear of coming to trouble about it. Matthew saith, that he took both the three dollar bills in part pay for a horse which he sold to Hank Vandyne, and that he did not return any part of the money back again. And further saith not.


Taken before me, this 5th day of April, 1776.