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Declaration by several persons, of their reasons for signing the preceding Letter


Whereas I, the subscriber, with several others, in February, 1774, subscribed a letter to the late Governour Hutchinson , in doing which I then apprehended I was doing service to the publick in general, and to this Town in special; but finding said letter has given offence to many persons, I hereby declare I had not the least design to give offence to the publick, or any individual, much less to injure the cause of America, whose just rights and liberties I am at all times ready to exert my best abilities to support and defend; nor have I ever had the most secret wish that the late Acts of Parliament, or any of them, should take place in the Colonies; nor should I have been concerned in sending said letter, had I not supposed at that time that Governour Hutchinson was a friend to his native country.