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Jacob Mutt Discharged


And whereas, Mr˙ Jacob Mott, one of those persons in custody of Colonel Heard, having, some time ago, by his Petition to this Committee, testified his contrition for his past conduct, and signed the General Association of the inhabitants of this Colony, and engaged to demean himself consistent thereto during the present struggles for the liberties of his country, and was, thereupon, restored by this Committee to his former standing in the community; and whereas, it does not appear that the said Jacob Mott has, at any time, since his restoration, acted or done any thing inconsistent with his engagements; therefore,

Ordered, That the said Jacob Mott be discharged by Colonel Heard, on his first giving his promise parole to this Committee, to appear before the Provincial Congress of this Colony, or this Committee, when thereunto required; and

Ordered further, That the other prisoners, above-named, except Gabriel G˙ Ludlow, Samuel Clowes, and George Weeks, who are not in custody, be placed in any one house or place in this city, altogether, at their own expense, which they shall choose, and that they be there confined under a guard, at their own expense, until the order of the Provincial Congress in the premises, and that Colonel Lasher be requested to furnish a sufficient guard to receive the said prisoners from Colonel Heard, and to guard them until further order.

And this Committee of Safety do hereby signify their high sense of the care find prudence of Colonel Heard, in the execution of his duty as an officer.