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Order for the arrest of John Lovell, Jun., and others, of Boston, charged with assisting the enemies of the United Colonies


Ordered, That Jedediah Foster and Jabez Fisher, Esq' s˙, be of the Committee to concur and pay Accounts, in the room of Benjamin Lincoln, Esq˙, excused, and John Taylor, Esq˙, absent.

Whereas, there hath been exhibited to this Court, by their Committee, a list of persons now residing in the Town


of Boston, in the County of Suffolk, who are apprehended to be inimical to the interest of the United Colonies, and of this Colony; and as their being suffered to go at large may be attended with danger to the publick, as well as afford them an opportunity of escaping from justice:

Therefore Resolved, That the Honourable Joseph Palmer and Benjamin White, Esq' s, Joseph Greenleaf, Samuel Niles, Thomas Penniman, Theophilus Cushing, and Thomas Crafts, Esquires, Justices of the Peace in and for said County, be, and they or either of them are hereby directed immediately to issue their warrant, directed to the Sheriff of said County, his Under Sheriff, or either of his Deputies, or the Constables of any town within said County, requiring him or them forthwith to apprehend and bring before them, or the major part of them, at such place in said County as they shall appoint, the bodies of all the persons contained in said list, viz: John Lovell, Jun˙, Samuel Danforth, Timothy Prout, George Lush, Hopestill Capen, Augustus Moore, Thomas Amory, Thomas Edwards, Edward Wentworth, William Clarke, John Field, William Perry, John Erving, Esq˙, Stephen Greenleaf, Esq˙, John Timmins, James Perkins, Ralph Inman, Richard Green, Daniel Hubbard, Joseph Turell, Nathaniel Carey, Edward Hutchinson, Doctor Miles Whitworth, John Hunt, tertius, Nathaniel Brindley, Isaac Greenwood, Doctor Isaac Rand, Jun˙, Doctor James Lloyd, John Hodgson, Doctor Thomas Cast, Samuel Minott, Edward Davis, Downe Cheever, Joseph Laughton, Jeremiah Allen, Samuel Bradstreet, Doctor James Pecker, Samuel Wallis, Richard Billings, Benjamin Phillips, John Haskins, Shubael Hewes, Bar Wall, John Stevens, William, Davies, John Homans, John Magner, John Rice, Simeon Stoddard, Caleb Blanchard, John Bryant, Captain Conner, Shippy Townsend, Thomas Clemens, Joseph Clark, Edmund Gookin, Ambrose Vincent, Moses Pitcher, John Howe, Rufus Green, Benjamin Green, Benjamin Green, Jr˙, William Wait Wallis; Jeremiah Jones Jenkins, Charles Whitworth, Ebenezer Allen, one Blaisdel, Stephen Fullerton; Samuel Gore, Ebenezer Norwood, Richard Madden, John Tufts, John Fillis, Samuel Bulfinch, William Downe, Cheever, Jacob Wendell, one Hoffin a Dutchman, John, Green, William Parker, Andrew McKean, Thomas Turner, Job Prince, John Gray, William Rodgers, and Thomas Mewse; all of whom are now residing in said Boston; together with many others, in said Boston, which are, or may be complained of, having designs to act, or having acted against the rights of this or the other United Colonies, or of having in any manner aided, abetted, or assisted, the enemies of the United Colonies, or either of them. And the said Justices of the Peace, or the major part of them, are directed, as soon as may be, strictly to examine said persons, and to consider the evidence that may be procured and laid before them in the premises, and that they, without delay, safe secure all such persons, which they may judge have acted, or are acting as enemies, spies, or traitors, to this or the other Colonies, either by taking sufficient bonds, payable to the Treasury of this Colony, for their good behaviour, or appearance at some Court proper to try them, or causing them to be committed to Jail, as the nature and aggravation of their several crimes may admit or not admit of bail, or the apprehension of danger to the publick from their going at large, may require.

CALEB CUSHING, per order.

Read, and accepted.