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Proclamation of Governour Penn


The Board being of opinion it would be expedient and necessary to continue in pay for a time longer the Rangers employed in the protection of the Western Frontiers of this Province, they advised the Governour to recommend it to the Assembly, to make provision for that purpose, and the following Message being prepared at the table, was fairly transcribed and delivered to the House by the Secretary, viz:

A Message from the Governour to the Assembly,

GENTLEMEN: By the latest intelligence from the Westward, the Earl of Dunmore was set out on an expedition down the Ohio, against the Shawanese Indians, and it is very uncertain as yet whether the troubles on the Frontiers may subside. I therefore find it incumbent on me to recommend to your consideration the propriety of keeping in pay, for a longer time, the Rangers employed by this Government, or taking such other measures as you may judge on this occasion most proper for the publick security.


October 17, 1774.