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Colonel Hay to General Heath



Haverstraw, December 15th, 1776.

DEAR SIR: Yesterday afternoon I received your orders to send down to Tappan thirty barrels of flour, and to Paramus eighty barrels of flour and thirty barrels of pork. I have myself, and two hands that I hired, been out all night, and cannot get any teams to convey the flour to Paramus. All the wagons and horses are already in the service with General Lee. We found a few ox-teams, but their owners will not let them go; and I have nobody here to take them away by force. I am at a loss what to do. I must beg your advice in this affair. As for pork I have none. If you want beef, I can send you down plenty of that article. This day Captain Hyat sets out to Paramus with a drove of cattle.

It is out of my department to press teams; but I have hitherto done it, to forward our glorious cause, and have been at vast expenses and trouble, without any assurance of even being repaid my expenses; therefore must request that you will be so good as to desire the Quartermaster-General to appoint one on this side of the river to transact that branch of business. I would willingly accept of that berth if I was appointed, and duly supplied with money to pay off the charges, provided I was allowed a reasonable recompense for the great trouble I have had, and what I may expect to have.

I am, dear sir, your most obedient servant,


Major-General Heath, at Tappan.

P˙S. I have sent thirty barrels of flour to Tappan.