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Memorial of Lieutenant-Colonel Christian, William Preston, and Arthur Campbell


A Memorial of Lieutenant-Colonel Christian, of the Second Regiment, in behalf of himself, and William Preston and Arthur Campbell, Esqrs˙, was presented to the Convention, and read; setting forth, that some time in the month of May, 1774, he was advised by Lord Dunmore to return home from the City of Williamsburgh, and use his endeavours to prevent the inhabitants from leaving their settlements on the approach of the late Indian war; that, in order to determine what had best be done, a council of officers was held on the 25th of June, when it was resolved that your Memorialist, who was then a Lieutenant-Colonel, should march with a body of the Militia to the frontiers of Clinch, which he immediately did, and continued in actual service about three weeks, when it appeared an expedition against the Indian Towns, was resolved on; and although he was not in the field again till the 12th of August, yet, during the intermediate time, he was chiefly employed in promoting the service, so as to neglect his own private affairs; that William Preston, Esq˙, by order of Lord Dunmore, immediately wrote to his Officers, directing them how to conduct themselves on that alarming occasion; that, from that time to the last of October, he was chiefly employed in the service of the country, and was at considerable expense; that the said William Preston, from the time of the expedition' s being set on foot, was employed therein, and afterwards continued to exert


himself in promoting the expedition, and often did the duty of a contractor, as well as that of an officer; that Arthur Campbell, Esq˙, was the oldest Captain on Holston' s River and Clinch, which constitutes about one half of the County, and of course spent much of his time in the service, from the breaking out of the war until some time in the month of August; that, from his situation and usefulness as an Officer, he did all these matters with care and ability, until some time in November; and your Memorialist is conscious that his extraordinary exertions produced the most beneficial effects to the country. And desiring, as well on behalf of the said William Preston and Arthur Campbell, as himself, that this Convention will take their services into consideration, and grant them such compensation as they shall be found to deserve.

Ordered, That the consideration of the said Memorial be referred to the next Convention.