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Field-Officers of the Fourth Regiment


Ordered, That every Gunsmith in the City of New-York be requested to repair, with all possible despatch, any arms of the Troops from the Colony of Connecticut now here, which may be brought to them by the Quartermaster of the said Troops, or either of them, for that purpose.

Agreed and Ordered, That Colonel Holmes' s Regiment be the Fourth Regiment, and take rank accordingly.

The Congress then unanimously approved of James Holmes for Colonel, Philip Van Cortlandt for Lieutenant-Colonel, and Barnabas Tuthill for Major of the said Fourth Regiment.

Mr˙ President, at his request, has leave of absence till Monday next, and Mr˙ Lispenard is unanimously chosen President pro tem. Mr˙ Thomas Smith has leave of absence, to depart to-morrow evening. And Mr˙ Walton has leave of absence, to depart this evening, and to return early on Monday morning.

Mr˙ Thomas Smith, from the Committee appointed to treat with Robert Boyd and Henry Watkeys, reported the draught of an Article of Agreement in the following words, to wit:

Articles, of Agreement made and concluded this ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ day of June, 1775, Fetween Henry Watkeys, of the City of New-York, Gunsmith, of the one part, and Leonard Lispenard, Richard Montgomerie, James Clinton, and Thomas Smith, Esquires, by order and on behalf of the Provincial Congress of the Colony of New-York, of the other part:

First, The said Henry Watkeys doth hereby agree to and with the said Leonard Lispenard, Richard Montgomerie, James Clinton, and Thomas Smith, that he, the said Henry Watkeys, shall and will use his utmost diligence to finish all the muskets (the barrels, ramrods, and bayonets being first provided by the Congress) in the following manner, to wit: The lock to be made agreeable to the lock now delivered to him, marked Grice, 1760; and the stock and mounting to be finished, and the musket barrel polished, agreeable to the musket now delivered to him, marked No˙ 20. And the said Henry Watkeys agrees to deliver the said, muskets in small parcels, as they are finished, and complete the whole work with all possible despatch.

Second. The said Leonard Lispenard, Richard Montgomerie, James Clinton, and Thomas Smith, in behalf of the said Congress, doth agree to pay to the said Henry Watkeys, for every musket which he shall deliver, within six months completely finished in manner aforesaid, the sum of two Pounds five Shillings, provided the number doth not exceed one thousand. And in order to enable the said Henry Watkeys to comply with this contract, it is agreed to advance to him the sum of fifty Pounds, which sum is to be accounted for out of money that may be due to him on the first parcel of muskets that shall be delivered by him. And it is understood by the parties, that the said Henry Watkeys is not to be entitled to the bounty offered by the Congress to encourage the making of muskets in this Colony, upon the muskets to be delivered by virtue of this contract.

Ordered, That Colonel Clinton, Colonel McDougall, Mr˙ Brasher, Colonel Woodhull, Colonel Tusteen, Colonel Van Cortlandt, Colonel Van Rensselaer, Col˙ Blackwell, Capt˙ Platt, Mr˙ Christopher Yates, Col˙ Cortelyou, Mr˙ Vanderbilt, and Major Williams, be a Committee to form and determine the rank of the Captains and Inferiour Officers in each Regiment, and of the Captains and Inferiour Officers of the several Regiments.

The Congress then adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow morning.