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Erastus Walcott and Others to the Masssachusetts Congress



Hartford, May 16, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We were yesterday informed of the success of an expedition undertaken, and set on foot by some individuals of this Colony, in a secret manner, against


Ticonderoga and Crown Point, the particular account of which you will have received before this comes to hand. Immediately on receipt of this news, an express was despatched from hence to the Continental Congress for their advice in this important matter. Posts were also sent to Albany, to the Committee of Correspondence for that City, requesting them to afford their aid in maintaining that pass till the opinion of, the Colonies can be known.

We understand an expedition against the same place hath been undertaken under the authority of your Province; but the adventure being set on foot by some private gentlemen in this Colony, and success having attended their enterprise before the forces from the Massachusetts Bay came up, some question arose about the right to command and hold this important pass. We consider all the Colonies, and the New-England Colonies especially, as brethren united together in one joint interest, and pursuing the same general design, and that whatever expedition in furtherance of the grand designs may be undertaken by any one of the Colonies, or body of men in either of them, ought to be considered as undertaken for the joint benefit of the whole confederate Colonies, and the expenses of the enterprise, and cost of maintaining and defending the same, is to be borne by all in proportion to their abilities.

This is not a time for the Colonies to contend about precedency, but we hope all will wish to put out a helping hand, and mutually afford each other all necessary assistance against our common enemy. Some parts of your Province are more conveniently situated to furnish men, &c˙, for maintaining our possession. We doubt not you will exert yourselves to secure every advantage which may arise from this successful attempt, in which we hope the City and County of Albany, and the Colony of Connecticut will co-operate with you, but of this we cannot assure you, as our calls are very many.

We are, gentlemen, your humble servants,


Committee of Correspondence for Connecticut.

Honourable Provincial Congress of Massachusetts.

P˙S. We hope you will not omit any thing you can do, as, ' tis uncertain what New-York will undertake without the consent of the General Congress, &c.