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Petition of Captain Dugal McGregor


The Committee to whom the Petition of Captain Dugal McGregor was referred Brought in their Report, which, being read, was agreed to, as follows, viz:

Resolved, That it is the opinion of the Committee, that the circumstances stated in the said Petition will not justify a license to export the said Lumber and Naval Stores, contrary to The rules of the American Association.

Resolved, That if the said Dugal McGregor will give bond, with sufficient security, in a penalty of double the value of the said Lumber and Naval Stores, to the President of the Provincial Council of North-Carolina, with condition that he will not carry the said Cargo to Great Britain, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark, Alderney, or Man, or any European Island or settlement within the British Dominions, nor to the British West-Indies; and that he shall, within six months after exporting the same, import into Edenlon, Newbern, or Bogue Inlet, in the Colony of North-Carolina, and there deliver to the Commander of the Continental Troops in the said Colony, such quantity of Muskets or Gunpowder as shall be equal to the value of the said Lumber and Naval Stores, the publick interest requires that he be permitted to export the same; and that a permit for that purpose, signed by the said President, be given him, on his executing such bond as aforesaid.