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Extract of a Letter from the Hon. Enoch Freeman, Esq., to the Massachusetts Congress



Falmouth, May 5, 1775.

We have lately heard that the Penobscot Indians are highly exasperated at Captain Goldthwaite, for suffering the Tender to dismantle the Fort there, and carry off the powder; that the truck trade Is stopped, as we are informed; and that there was/a number of men round about there going to take Goldthwaite, for delivering up the Fort, into their custody, but what they intend to do with him I don' t hear. Perhaps it would he prudent for the Congress to send down there and secure the Indians in our interest, by keeping the truck trade open, supplying them powder, or any other method in their wisdom, upon mature consideration, they may think best. A hint on this head is enough.

The Selectmen of this Town have this moment agreed with one Mr˙ Jabez Matthews and one David Dinsmore, of New-Gloucester, to go over to Quebeck, to make discovery whether any Canadians are in motion to come on our back settlements, or to excite the Indians, to do it; and I have wrote to Mr˙ Remington Holby, of Vassalborbugh, to procure one or two go with them as hunters. And they are charged to be cautious not to let the Canadians have reason so much as to suspect their, business; and they will depend op your endeavouring to get the Congress to order them adequate satisfaction out of the publick fund, If they discover any evil designs, we shall be glad to know it, that we may prepare accordingly for our defence. If they find there is no design upon us, it will be a great satisfaction to this eastern country.

I could write a good deal in favour of sending such an embassy, but as my time is almost wholly taken up on publick mailers, I have little time, to spare.